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Energy Work & Facilitation

I offer 1:1 shamanic Energy Work and Tarot Sessions + facilitate group playshops to communities looking to evolve, embody, and empower. 

Golden Chakra

Energy Work

I use a combination of shamanic practices, channeling, mediumship, light language, vibrational sound healing, quantum mechanics, Tantra, and intuition to move stuck energy, alchemize trauma, contextualize challenges, and download 5D light codes into my clients' chakras, auric field, and cellular body. These sessions are ideal for people who are ready to

  • Release old stories, beliefs, behaviors, physical pain, and illnesses, that are keeping them in patterns separating them from their highest desires

  • Receive light and sound codes to level up their physical reality to match their highest desires 

  • Connect with their guides and higher self, and open channels to maintain communication

$222 / 75 Minutes

$444 / 120 Minutes

(Ask me about Packages)

Third Eye

Group Facilitation

I bring the healing arts of creativity and sensuality to your conscious events and communities.  I facilitate playshops ranging from "Activating Creative Expression through Sensuality" to "Igniting Your Electric Fire: Intro to Energy Orgasms". I can also customize an experience around a theme or intention. Below is an example format for one my Playshops: 


  • Talk about the relationship between creativity & sensuality 

  • Release blocked EnerG through breathwork & movement

  • Explore pleasure through sensory exercises 

  • Activate our creative juice with a TwerkShop   


$222 - $777

(ask me about packages)



I use tarot, channeling, and mediumship to offer guidance on questions about your life. I use a mixture of more classic tarot with tantric oracle cards to unlock the symbols and keys that the client's third eye will project into the reading. This session is ideal for folx who

  • Have current questions about their life path

  • Are seeking clarity about opportunities and challenges showing up 

  • Want to unlock memories as well as see/create their future according to their inner desires


$111 / hour

(Can do 30-minute sessions)


"I am a dedicated biohacker and fan of many energy healing systems. I own every microcurrent, frequency and sound healing device available on the market currently. I have participated in expensive Neurofeedback programs and studied a wide variety of sound and frequency healing modalities. Sam Sharman is by far the most effective healing tool I have found. Her ability to immediately access and facilitate the healing of my physical and spiritual challenges is just second to none. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I could not recommend her more highly. Thank you so much Sam!"

- Katheryn

I came to Sam to work on my life long struggle to experience self love. I had love for everyone except myself. Through four or five therapists, personal coaches, every self help book, endless workshops and meditation courses not much really changed. It felt like a gift everyone else got except for me.  Over three sessions with Sam she was able to first create a safe container for me to honestly express myself.  She then moved the stuck energy in my body at a rate I could comfortably process while explaining what was important for me to know and release. On our third session she removed a negative foreign energy from my gut that had been lingering there since an abusive experience in my  childhood. When it was done I realized my lack of self love was really sadness and confusion over the original event and feelings of incoherence from carrying the energy of my perpetrator unconsciously inside me every day for the past forty years.  I’m happy to say this isn’t a project I’m working on anymore. It’s an experience that has been properly processed and cleared. Of course I love myself. It’s a whole new way of experiencing life. Im thrilled with my results. Healing can take forty years or five minutes depending upon who is guiding you.  Why not choose the short path? I feel profoundly grateful and lucky to have finally found Sam!    

- Jade 

I had an amazing session experience with SAM SHARMAN. I received some fantastic energy work.  Sam is very in tune with the body, mind, and earth. She is empathetic and has a special gift.  After even one of her sessions I felt a transformation. Highly recommended.  


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