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Sam Sharman is a conscious hip hop & rap soulstress creating sensual and empowering music. She uses her voice to speak truth into our complex human experiences, exploring emotional, psychological, and spiritual perspectives on life, sacred sexuality, and social justice with a sharp tongue and smooth voice.

Sam released ROSE RIOT on March 19th, 2024! 


ROSE RIOT, coined by Sam as a VisuAlbum (visual album) is an immersive audiovisual experience containing music videos set to every song, original collaborative artwork, behind the scenes footage & interviews, photo shoots, and a Meditation & Lyric guidebook.


Conceptually, ROSE RIOT delves into the juicy layers of evolution, embodiment, and empowerment. The project takes course over one year (from spring equinox 2023 - 2024) to highlight how the metaphysical qualities of each season act lyke spiritual and emotional roadmaps toward our own Divine realization. Sam brings her lyrical mysticism to a trans-genre sound with influences from soul, R&B, pop, classic rock, and new age. The VisuAlbum is be available for purchase & download here! 

Want to stream the music? You can from your favorite platform!



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