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I am a NeoDigital artist, musician, and entrepreneur, driven by a deep commitment to consciousness expansion and sacred embodiment. On Spring Equinox of this year (3.19.2024), I released ROSE RIOT: The VisuAlbum, a multimedia music project which explores spiritual and emotional roadmaps toward our own Divine Embodiment.

My work  - from my art & music, to my business and social justice - explores the nexus of Evolution + Embodiment + Empowerment. My passion is to ignite the realization and integration of our collective inner Divine. 


I hold a strong presence in the Los Angeles creative scene as the CEO of Artist Management at Enchanted Loft Productions. We produce sacred, sexy micro-festivals for creative commUnity to thrive! Our events feature an afternoon lineup of conscious activations lyke breathwork, movement playshops, and panels. We hold a community open mic at sundown. And then head into a delicious night of live music, art exhibits, dance, and connection opportunities. Explore more about Enchanted Loft Here!

I also offer energy work to select clients (must either be a referral or potential clients can interview). My 1-3 hour sessions feature shamanic-style energy work, frequency bath, sound healing, and Magixk. My specialties are sexual healing / empowerment; past (parallel) life integration; strengthening connection with Inner Divine / Higher Self.  


Sam’s mission is to activate and expand consciousness through experiential music, art, and entrepreneurship. Sam is building and investing in the world of Web3 to create holistic Artist opportunities and creator-centric business models. Sam’s mission is to embody sacred sovereignty and map inner pathways to liberation through purpose-driven living.

Sam envisions a world where everyone can access, activate and unleash their full creative sovereignty. When we weave metaphysics, art, music, technology, finance, and community building together, it creates a comprehensive framework for translating our passion into our life’s work. All of Sam’s projects are aligned with her intentions to (1) tansmute pain into power, (2) rewrite disempowering beliefs and generate abundance through passion, and (3) stimulate imagination and activate the creator inside all of us. 


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